MP2333H maximum output capacitance

I have trouble understanding the MP2333H’s datasheet formula for the maximum output capacitance.
On page 15 it says “CO_MAX = (ILIM_AVG - IOUT) * TSS / VOUT” and “ILIM_AVG is the average start-up current during the soft-start period”.
Why is an “average start-up current” denoted as ILIM_AVG?
What is IOUT in this formula?
What is (ILIM_AVG - IOUT) suppose to represent?

Regards, Jonas

Just some guy on the internet, but it looks to me like they are trying to tell you that the cap has to be charged within the allotted softstart time. It looks like if SS has run and Vout isn’t correct a problem is detected. Ilim-avg- Iout would be the “excess current” that is what will charge the cap.

Thank you for helping out jshannon!

I think that you are perfectly correct. But I still dont understand what values to use for ILIM_AVG and IOUT in the formula.

Regards, Jonas