MP2329 IC keep Burning off

Hi Sir,

I trying to design in the MP2329 IC for the input of 24V and output of 5V/5A.
I had been following the design from the evaluation board and i’m using the 2 layer of PCB.
The after finish the PCB board and test it out but it keep burning off the MP2329 IC and i don’t know what is problem i’m having. Need some advice
here is the schematic.


Hi jason.teoh,
Thank you for using MPS technical forum!

The schematic capture you provided, for the pins visible, it seems to be correct. In order to assist you further, can you please answer the following?

  1. Do you have any simulation waveforms you can provide?
  2. Can you please check for any shorted pins? and provide picture of your setup and where in the IC is burning up?
  3. Are you following the suggested component values in the datasheet?