Mp2236 is damaged while no loading

hi, I made a board with mp2236.
everything is good if there is loading, current is sufficient, ripple is low. But if I remove the load, the mp2236 will damage soon after power up. the VIN, SW and GND will short together after damage.

any one can help with this issue? thanks!

Are you perhaps “hot plugging” i.e plugging the circuit in to an already energized power source. That can cause Vin to ring to twice its normal value which can destroy stuff.

I don’t think it’s hot plugging problem.
further tests show that 1mA(1kohm for 1v output) loading is enough to prevent 2236 from damaging.
but only use feedback divider resistors(more than 50k) would lead to damage.

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Are you able to share your schematic?


Hi all.
Having the same problem as strongleg. The board works without load for several minutes and after several times on / off it damage. The schematic is identical to the datasheet, PSB made with layout recommendations. Help me please.
Thank you in advance.