MP2225 PFM/PWM switching point


I can’t figure out from the datasheet what is the switching point between the PFM/PWM modes?
If I have a load of 400mA, what will be the mode of operation? PFM or PWM? does it depend on the output voltage?
Does the “MPS DC DC Designer” simulates the PFM mode? I tried decreasing the Iout but haven’t noticed any increase in the voltage output ripple or change in the switching frequency.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Alex.Kucherov,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. I will look into your questions concerning the MP2225 mode of operation and provide an update soon.

Hi Alex.Kucherov,

Thank you for your patience. On Pg. 12 of the datasheet under the section “AAM Operation” you’ll find this paragraph:


I realize this is not clear on what exactly is defined as the “light load condition”. I am currently in contact with our AEs for clarification. Regarding the DC/DC Designer, the “Typical Waveforms” in the simulator show behavior related to PWM mode, but I am working on confirming this for you as well.