MP2143 Discharge and Part Selection


As MP2143 datasheet said, function called “Auto Discharge at Power Off” exists. But there is nothing more about it.

From datasheet waveform, I could infer:
1, when VIN falls below UVLO, it seems there will be 100-200R to GND, to discharge VOUT.
2, when VIN keeps stable, EN drops from 1 to 0, by ramping down MP2143’s internal bias, some “auto enabled force PWM mode” will actively discharge VOUT.

I need conformation that if the both feature exists in MP2143, or not.

Addtional Part Seleciton Problem,
3, MP2143 and MP9143. Is there any difference between them?
4, MPM3830 and MPM3833C. Do they have the same discharge function listed as 1 and 2?

Thank you.

Hi zirconin,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! I’ll start looking into your questions and provide an update soon.