MP1923 Mosfet Drivers DRVH and DRVL are the same

I have been using the MP1923 Mosfet Half Bridge driver as part of a 3 phase inverter project that my team is working on for school. In our recent tests, applying the correct control signals with dead time to the Mosfet drivers has resulted in the transistors creating a short condition. When testing with the power to the Mosfets turned off, we measured the output waveform for the DRVH and DRVL pins which operate the Mosfet gates against the INH and INL from the PWM pins. What we found was that the DRVL and DRVH both had the same output waveform, which matched the INL. So the driver was turning on both Mosfets at the same time, causing a short. Is there any reason why we would be seeing this on multiple drivers? Or have we fried the drivers somehow? They seem to function normally other than the duplicated output.