MP175GS under voltage input protection

Is it possible to prevent the MP175GS starting to deliver power below 80V?
I don’t want it to start unless a proper supply is present.

Doesn’t look like it, Mouser has it going end of life, you might want to investigate, and consider picking another part that doesn’t allow you to do this either.

I suppose at less than 80V Vin you could short the output which would put it in a relatively low power mode.

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The HF500-xx series has a Brown in and Brown out pin with 100mV hysteresis that can be used for the 80V start up. It needs a resistor divider to sense the rectified voltage.

Check out the HF500-xx series using the link below,
Flyback Controller | Secondary Side Regulation | MPS | Monolithic Power Systems

Also MP175GS is an active part, it is not going end of life. Check out the device on Mouser below,
Search results for: mp175gs AC/DC Converters – Mouser

Hello Sunandhitha, Thanks for your reply. The HF500 series appears to need a transformer which would increase the solution volume significantly over the use of a small, single inductor for the MP175GS.
Our application is to provide a 12or 16V supply to start a PFC circuit on a multi kilowatt power supply. So we want to prevent it all starting at low input voltages. Is there not a way to inhibit this part at low input voltages by over riding one of the signal pins?

Hi adrian,

we are looking into this and will get back to you soon with some suggestions.

Hi adrian,
what is the output power requirement for the 12/16V supply?

Hello Sunandhitha, We need to supply ~25mA at start up and then it will provide ~100mA at 12V when the system is running.

Hi adrian,
Thank you for sharing more info about the power requirements. I am currently discussing this with my team, I will get back to you soon with the suggestions.

Hi Adrian,

MP155 is a better option considering the 12V/100mA power requirement. This is a transformer less solution as well.
Under voltage protection can be implemented with the help of additional external circuitry. Please contact MPS Now( for more details.