MP175 min start up voltage

Hi MPSer,
May I know MP175 minimum start up voltage and current? thanks!

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The startup voltage and UVLO spec can be found from the datasheet of MP175. I am attaching the link and the paragraph were you can find the exact spec.
Let me know if you have more questions.

Yash Shah

More to the point perhaps, is the minimum Off time is about 14usec the maximum ON time is 32 usec. Together don’t those numbers equate to a maximum duty cycle of about 32/46 call it 70%.

So if your desired Vout is 12 the minimum Vin that can support is 17V.

thank you very much!
since we plan use MP175 design wide input range form 24VDC to 360VDC.

I would get a demo board if you can just to you know check.

Great, can you send a message to my mailbox? I look forward to the demo board.

Dude! I am just some guy on the internet. Talk to your MPS rep, or maybe you can buy it off their website or from Digikey. Good luck