MP175 24V Output


Does MP175 be able to output 24V / 0.5A ?
I know there is a description in the datasheet that the maximum output is 10W,
if calculated by 10W, the maximum current is about 0.42A.
I want to know if it is possible to reach the maximum output of 0.5A with a good heat dissipation design, because the built-in MOSFET can reach 700mA



Sorry for typo, MOEFET is 600mA max.

What is your Vin? I would think maybe. I have it as going obsolete, is that really the best choice for your design as it may be hard to get in the future.

Hi jshannon

Could you give me some advises?
My requirement is universal AC input,
24V with 0.5A max output



Hi cmchung1208,

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The output of 24V at 0.5A would be over the 10W limit. The application circuits of MP175 have gone up to 500mA for universal line but never above 10W.
So we would recommend HF500-15 for this output requirement as that would be a safe choice.

Also MP175GS is an active part, it is not going end of life. Check out the device on Mouser below,
Search results for: mp175gs AC/DC Converters – Mouser