MP174A Input Voltage Range


We have been meaning to design a DC-DC converter that supports 35-100VDC input with 0.25A output at 15VDC.

We came across MP173A and MP174A. According to this table on the URL below, it supports down to 20VAC input:

Is this information correct? Will we be able to step-down a 35VDC input down to 15VDC with this IC?

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Check out MP9485, this device can handle an input voltage range of 4.5V to 100V. And it is rated for 500mA output current.

Thank you, but I didn’t have any answer :slight_smile:

So I guess I understand that, the information on the website is not correct?

I am going to have to follow up on the 20Vac question.

But since your requirement is for a DC-DC converter, we recommend using a device from the DC-DC product family such as MP9485, since those devices would work for your requirement and meets your specifications.

Thank you!

Waiting for your reply on 20Vac issue :slight_smile:

These devices can work with an input voltage higher than 20VDC, but note that this input just can charge up the Vcc and make the IC switch, but whether the system can deliver enough power will depend on the specs and design, we would need to check the thermal performance.

Thank you very much for this information