MP1541GG Exposed Paddle and Layout

I’m designing a product using MP1541GG (QFN-8). Unfortunately, datasheet doesn’t provide any information about the exposed pad.

  1. My question is, should the exposed pad be connected to ground (GND) or only soldered to the PCB for thermal power dissipation?

I also couldn’t find any reference design or layout examples for this particular MP1541GG package variant (QFN-8).

  1. If possible, could you provide any information regarding layout for this MP1541GG package variant?

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Hello fajny_zegarek,

The padding in the center of the QFN-8 pkg is utilized for thermal power dissipation. You will need a ground reference and solder this pad onto it. Please utilize the recommended Land Pattern provided in the datasheet.


We cannot provide a reference, but there is a Layout considerations section on the datasheet which will be helpful in your layout design process.


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