MP100L Schematic Review

Please review the schematic for Mp100L. Schematic is making from 220V AC to 3.3V DC to supply power to sensor.

VB/VD are connected to 2C and 3 diode to make it HPF.
During testing R14 & R15 , Mp100L are blowing up sometime, while sometime circuit is working fine. Please let know where could be the issue.

Hello ops.mowgz,

Please check if your components are properly rated and if your output on the bridge rectifier is what you expect. Is the fuse not blowing? Is it related to startup?

Thank you,
Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer

Fuse is not blowing. Yes only on starting the circuit. but not always… Can the circuit connected to VB/VD pin be causing this issue ?

That schematic looks wrong. shouldn’t the HPF cap be on Vin? Also 25V for the cap seems a bit low. I would be using 200V types but maybe 22uF not 470.