Minimum input voltage on MP150

I can see the the table of high voltage buck regulators can work down to 20VAC, some to 30VAC.

High Voltage Buck Regulators 10W | MPS | Monolithic Power Systems

How is this specified in the datasheet, i dont seem to be able find voltage values, that will indicate this.

BR Thomas

Good call.
Note: I’m not part of MPS.
I suspect its related to keeping the Rdson in check, and power dissipation under control.
The MP163 has a 700V, 20 ohm MOSFET after all.
And don’t forget these devices are designed for the 85 VAC to 265 VAC supply range whilst keeping the power factor under control.
If you actually need a 20V switcher, there are far better options.


The MP1xx family of devices can work with a minimum input voltage greater than 20VDC.

We do not have the minimum input voltage in the DS, this is because for a particular application requirement we can only guarantee the system can power up @ min. input, but it might not be able to deliver the maximum current mentioned in the DS.

We would recommend trying it out on an evaluation board for your operating range.

Hi Sunandhitha

Thanks for the answer, in our application, the minimum voltage will be 55Vdc, up to 110Vdc, so I’m confident it will work. Also, we dont need the full current.

BR Thomas L Larsen