MID1W0505A max isolation continuous working DC voltage

Hi, what is the maximum continuous isolation DC voltage? normaly called “working volgate”

Hello franz.winkler,

The MID1W0505AGY-2S-Z has an isolation voltage of 1.5kVDC.
The MID1W0505AGY-3S-Z has an isolation voltage of 3kVDC,

Thank you,
Vinh Tran

Hello, 1.5kV and 3kV is written in the datashee that is clear for me. But what i want to know is, can i apply a voltage differcence of 1.5kVDC continious between primary side and secoundary side?
in the datasheet is written:
The qualification test 1.5kV for 1 minute.
Did you try 1.5kV for 6 month or 1 year ?