mEZDPD4506A configuration


Ordered a PKT-mEZDPD4506A . Everything is fine controlling it with Virtual Bench. Except that , when I want to set the output > 7V .
MFR_VOUT_CTRL Feedback divider range is set to Range3 (0-6.24V)
Obviously if I try to set VOUT_COMMAND to 7v it gives a warning, and doesn’t allow to write the setup to the chip.
If I change the Feedback divider to Range 4 (0-12.48) then it allows to select any voltage > 6.24V , but the output is exactly half of the desired.
If I select Range5 the output voltage will be quarter of the setted.
How can I configure the device to set the output > 6.24 V ?
Also is there a datasheet with the registers? I couldn’t find it.
The generated DS seems a bit weird to me . Its not clear to me if this device is a single or dual out device. On first page the first sentence contains: its configured for single output. At the package reference seem like it has a second output. VOUT2 . Would it be possible to configure it as an independent dual output SMPS ?

Hi kuruczg, welcome to the forum.

  • How do you configure the device to set the output > 6.24V?


  1. Shut off the part through soft off, which you can configure in register 01h.
  2. Change the voltage range in register D2h.
  3. Then input the output voltage’s real value in register 21h.

mEZ Output Voltage Setting

  • Can I see the register map?

I can’t find it on the web unfortunately since we’re still updating the datasheet, but if you send me an email at I can share some register information.

  • Can you configure the device to operate as a dual output converter?
    The mEZDPD4506A only supports a single 6A output, but the mEZDPD4506AS can support dual 3A outputs.


Seems like its working now. So I had to switch it off before changing the range.

Just to make sure: Can I change the output voltage without powering the device off? For our project it’d be essential.

I was wondering if there is a way to change the voltage sensing point for the feedback circuit? The exact use case would be to regulate the setted-up voltage after a current measurement resistor.


Hi kuruczg,

Thank you for your patience during the Thanksgiving break.

The power must be off before the output voltage is changed, and we do not have a sense pin for a remote sense on this device.