mEZD72402A parallel output

Hi there,
we would like to put 2 mEZD72402A-G modules in parallel (each has an input between 13V and 21V and common 5V output), the two inputs varies separately between 13 and 21V.
Is there a compensation circuit in the mEZD72402A-G module to achieve that ?
Could we add some external component to block any reverse current from one to the other ?

Hi anyone has an idea about parallel usage of mEZD72402A ?
Actually I would like to put 4 * mEZD72402A in parallel to create a 5V suppy bus.

Hi Xavier,

The input and output voltage characteristics look good. “G” is the right selection.

This part cannot be paralleled. Can you please clarify what your application is? and what is your output current requirements?


Hi Nouman,
sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your feedbacks about the MEZD72402A-G which looks good.
Sorry to hear that we cannot parallelize the MEZD72402A-G so I guess that explains the issues we see on the prototype we have with 4 MEZD72402A-G in paralleles with reverse path current.
Could you recommand a part at MEPS that allows same specifications and parallel operations compatible ? Is there a way to search the MEPS website with parallel operation possible feature ?
Best regards, Xavier.

Hi Xavier,
You may browse through the products availible on our website under the PRODUCTS tab:
Power Management | MPS | Monolithic Power Systems

I have one product recommendation from our module devices that fits your requirements well - you can use the Eval board to perform your paralleled output operation :
EVM54304-MN-01A | 4V to 16V Input, Four-Channel Output Power Module Evaluation Board

We have other modules that have dual output as well with 2A output current, here is where I would recommend to look in the future for multiple output converters for parallel operations :
Step-Down Power Module | MPS | Monolithic Power Systems


Hi Nouman,
The circuit I am looking is 4 inputs (between 12 and 25V) and 1 output (5V stable whatever is going on on the inputs). Now I am trying to do that with the mEZD72402A but as this product is not made for parallel inputs it is difficult to achieve it. Using barrier shottky diode to prevent reverse current is not working and I observe 2.5V instead of 5V for some mEZD72402A ouputs. Strange ?
Do you have 4 inputs, 1 output products ?
Regards, Xavier.