Max Quiescent current of MP4581

We want to know the max Quiescent current at VIN- 65 Volt Output Voltage- 5 Volt

At Vin 65Volt Output 5 Volt
Without any load, we are having 35uAmp
It should be less than 15uAmp

Can you please help with this?

The typical is 15uA there is no maximum specified so could be a couple of mA ( it isn’t) . Kind of a crap data sheet on that spec.

Thanks for the response. Is there any way to achieve 15-20uAmp current?

You need a chip with a Maximum current specified at 15uA not a typical. The other thing to do is raise the impedance of the vout sensing. Right now it consumes 100uA off the 5V output which works out to 10uA off the 50V input. I would experiment with taking the R up by 10X and the C down by 10X. This will drop the input current by 9uA or so and if you are willing to say “typically it meets spec” you are good to go!