Max output voltage of MPQ9843

I plan on using MPQ9843 in a design of mine. Does anyone know what the max output voltage is for this part? The datasheet does not specify.


Hi brandon.kopinski,

Thanks for your question.
For the adjustable MPQ9843 version, the part can be used in high duty cycle applications due to its low dropout performance. Refer to page 21 of the datasheet, where it states the part can operate near 100% duty cycle.
What voltage do you intend to operate at?


Hi Cindy,

Vin is in the range of 8-24V. In this application, there will be times where it will be operating at ~100% duty cycle and thus need Vin~Vout. Will that work?


Hi Brandon,

The part should operate near 100% duty cycle, but I cannot guarantee at 100%. I’d cap Vout max at 23V given your Vin range.