Marking different from datasheet MP2113DD-LF-Z


I found MP2113DD-LF-Z finding marking different from datasheet. It should be MP2113DS , but I’ve found R3…
Any official document relating it?

Thank you

Hello purchasing4,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! Please see the highlighted section below from Pg. 2 of the MP2113 datasheet. This device is also marked NRFND and I would recommend looking at the MP2152 if you need a replacement.


thank you for your prompt reply. I’ve received markign R3AK instead of MP2113DS.
Do you have info about marking R3AK? I’ve found these links about case and mrking, but I don’t understand why datasheet advices MP2113DS as marking

thank you in advance

Hi purchasing4,

Can you please upload a clear picture of the top marking on the IC? A couple shots of the device package from different angles would be helpful too. I will then confirm the top marking for the MP2113.