MA850 PWM frequency


I’d bought EVKT-MA850-KNOB .

Its operation looks fine under MACOM, but would you please let me know

how to get PWM frequency=50KHz for MA850?

MA850 data sheet page 5 :PWM frequency =50KHz typ, but my PWM frequency is just 3KHz
My setting may be something wrong?

Thank you for your support.

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Dear Kanji Shibatani,
thank You for Your details.
Please provide a readout of the devices register e.g. over the MACOM app.
As a Register Read snapshot or a JSON file.
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Dear Marco-san

Thank you for your quick reply!

Here I attached my setting capture.

Should I need some setting with following some procedure… ?
I thought EVKT850-knob is plug& play …

Best Regards

May I have your answer?

Dear Kanji Shibatani,
we are very sorry for the delay and thank You for Your details.
The MA850 You have is a version before January 2017 with a different register set.
This old factory setting provides a 3kHz PWM frequency, not a 50kHz frequency as nowadays and documented.

Please request a new knob EVKT with MA850 (EVKT850-KNOB-Q-01A) from our local field sales, reference to the MPS forum and me if they have questions.

We are very sorry for this situation and the delay.

Beeing courious: what date code does the sensor have?

Best regards,
Marko Hepp

Dear Marco-san

Thank you for your answer. I understood that.
I am just evaluating basic operation of MA850, so no need to have new one.
Thank you for your consideration.

The date code on chip is: AXZG / 35C.

Thank you and with my best regards