MA780 adjust active time

Hi, I’m using MA780 in the mixed operation mode (switching between “Active Mode” and “ASC Mode” using the EN pin). I read the angle every time there’s a falling edge in ND pin, and works well in ASC mode (TCYC allows adjusting the time).

When setting “Active mode”, I’m not able to adjust the active time, and it reports new information each ~210us (I want to increase it up to 1ms). I’m configuring the device with the following steps:

  • Configure TACT to 120 to get a total active time of 1ms.
  • Disable AUTACT.
  • Set the EN pin.

I’m I missing something? How can increase the acquisition period to 1ms in “active mode”?

Thank you

Hello apica,

Apologies for the delayed response.

When the MA780 is in Active Mode, it is performing measurements at the fastest rate and it is not affected by the TACT and AUTACT parameters, which only configure ASC Mode.

If you are still working on this application, can you please clarify why do you need the active time to be 1ms?

  • Do you just want the ND signal to toggle every 1 ms?
  • Do you want to increase the measurement resolution?

Best regards,