MA710/730 MGH/MGL strength


What is the maximum drive/sink strength of MGH and MGL? I would like to use them as led magnet indicators but I want to know how strongly I can drive the LEDs.

Hi anandmeep,

Thank you for contacting the MPS Forum. I believe this is not information featured in the datasheet, let me check on this internally for you.

Brendan Schoemehl
Field Applications Engineer
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Any update on this? Still want to know how hard I can drive these LEDs.

Hi Anandmeep,

I’ve sent a follow up message to our engineers, I will let you know if I am able to get you this answer soon. MPS is on shutdown for the next week starting tomorrow. There may be delays due to this.


Any update on this? I am still looking for an answer.

I guess this will ever be answered. I hope 2mA is ok.

In fact, it is listed din the datasheet. You have plenty of margin. The MGH/MGL digital outputs sink/source >4mA, with margin. In fact, our outputs sink/source 10mA over temp.
Datasheet snip is shown below supporting +/-4mA.