MA302: MGH and MGL pins are high

Hi I am using the MA302 chip to sense the position of the rotor of a bldc motor. When the chip is powered on, I see that both the MGL and MGH pins are high. I don’t know what to make of this. Also, all other I/O pins are also high. I am using the TBMA302-Q-LT-01A board with 3.3V and GND connected to my power supply and I am probing the MGL and MGH pins with an oscilloscope.
What could be the issue?

Hi aadit,

Sounds like you are working on a project requiring more in-depth assistance from a technical and supply standpoint. Please submit your request and project information to our MPS Now ticket system where you can be assigned to one of our FAEs.

I will work on providing more insight to the MGH and MGL digital output pins of the MA302.

This is definitely a problem. It’s possible that this IC was damaged. Can you try another IC in the setup and let me know what you see?