Low THD SMPS design


We are looking for anew design for universal AC input , one output (24V DC @ 2Amp, with 5% ripple)
SMPS design.
We need low THD (<10%) High pF(0.9 or higher)
End use is in consumer device.

Which MPS IC is suggested for this?
External switching MOSFET is OK.
If possible primary side regulation will be added adavntage.

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Hello Vinay!

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We are looking into your requirements and will get back to you soon with a suggestion.

Hi Vinay,

Since power factor> 0.9 and THD<10% is needed, a PFC stage has to be used. The best combination would be MP44018A for PFC stage and then followed by a DCDC Flyback stage such as using MP023 will be good, since it is a primary side regulated(PSR) controller.

The % regulation of the PSR topology, the total load and line regulation is 4.5%. Do you need any downstream DCDC regulators that power off the 24V Bus? What is the type of load on 24V?