Looking for Zynq 7000 design

Hi Team,

I am looking for power solution for Xilinx Part number: XC7S6-2CSGA225C and XC7Z007S-2CLG400I.
· would like a plug and play solution,
· Solution will take care of sequencing if it is required
· Want the smallest PCBA possible
· Vin available is 5V
· Temp range industrial temperature

Need block diagram and schematics if available. Any tools to get them up and running quickly.

We have a reference design for Zynq 7000 family using PMIC module MPM54304. This design can accept 4 to 16Vin and has built in power sequencing. This quad module (with internal inductors) is very compact (7x7mm). For further details please go to https://www.monolithicpower.com/zynq7000-reference-design-using-pmic-module .