Looking for datasheet of LED driver

I have to repair couples of LED lamps with integrated led driver with constant current.
but label of IC is looks like OEM but could it be your products:
AZTAWA, AZTAXA, ARJBCA they are in SOIC-8 case
if Yes then could you be kind to give me link for datasheet of those LED drivers. Or even pin description

Hi kinodom,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. I can verify that these SOIC-8 devices are not from MPS. Would you be able to share the system specs for the LED lamps please?

input voltage is +48V
current is 350mA-700mA depending of Rs

Hi Kinodom:

Please check out our MP2487 IC. Datasheet is available on our website

thank you will try to replace it.
Any idea (see schema of my PCB) of pin descrition? https://c2n.me/4aNwpo3

Hi Kinodom:

I am not sure if replacing an unknown part and a non-MPS with the MP2487 is a good idea. We strongly suggest not to do the replacement. I have suggested the part for your future designs and not for replacement.