Looking for a 3s battery fuel gauge


I’m looking for a system-side fuel gauge for my 3s2p battery pack. I only have access to the Pack+ and Pack- terminals. No protection or balancing is needed.

One requirement we do have is that the fuel gauge can learn the pack capacity (5200mAh) itself, i.e. there is no time spent during development using the EVKs and software to “learn” pack parameters.

Does MPS have a part I can look further into?



Hi Rob,

There are a few questions that I may need answered to fully recommend you a device.

  • What is the input voltage to the charger?
  • What is the Charge voltage per cell?
  • What is the charge current requirement?
  • Do you need a power path system output? If so, what is the required system voltage current and discharge current.
  • Is JEITA required?

One caveat is we do not have a device with a “smart” integrated fuel gauge, I’m not sure this exists in any chargers at this time but I’m mainly aware of MPS devices. This would be especially complicated to implement and I think it would likely depend on a cell profile which takes time to develop.

Brendan Schoemehl
Field Applications Engineer
Monolithic Power Systems | MPS Now