LLC design tool Mgmax/Mgmin

Dear Sirs,

I follow LLC design tool tutorial video on MPS website.
Though I enter same value as video, Mgmax/Mgmin color ( red/blue) can not be seen.
Frequency range also can not be seen.

I am using Windows10 ver21H1.
( I remember that I can find it previous PC( previous OS version) . I am sorry that its windows10 version)

Would you please advise?

Hello kanji_shibatani,

I believe you forgot to click on what quality factor and resonant inductor value you want. image
You can click on those dots.

Thank you,
Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer

Dear Vinh- san

Thank you for your answer. I had forgot to click Ln dots… , so I was wrong.
Thank you very much