Lithium ion battery charger chip

I’m considering using one of the following battery packs

  1. Products : Lithium-ion Battery Pack (14.80V, 5.2AH)
    Model: Samsung ICR 18650-26H M(18650 5200Ah 14.8V 4S2P)

  2. Products: Lithium-ion Battery Pack (3.70V, 10.4AH)
    Model: RS Pro ICR 18650-26H M(18650 10400 Ah 3.7 1S4P)

Could you please let me know if you have any suitable Battery Charger ICs that I could use.

Hi Tariq,

Thank you for posting on the MPS Technical Forum. It’s possible we may have a device to fit your needs here, but it’s going to be difficult to know for sure until we nail down some of the details of your system. Can you tell me the following:

  • Input voltage
  • Charge Voltage you plan to work at
  • Charge/Discharge current
  • Do you need power path?

Based off these specs and questions I believe I will be able to recommend a MPS device for you.
Brendan Schoemehl
Field Applications Engineer
Monolithic Power Systems | MPS Now

Hi Brendan
Thank you for the quick response, I hope this helps.

21V <=  Input voltage  <=  to 24V
Charge Voltage you plan to work at = 16.80V
Charge current = 2.0A
Discharge current = 0.5A
Do you need power path? = preferable

Hi Tariq,

I’m looking into this for you, let me review your specs and I will update with the best part for you.



Actually we have a newly released device, the MP2759, that I think can work for you. It will easily handle your input and charge voltage, and can also handle up to 3A charge current if necessary. It also allows for power path control, so I think this is worth looking at. Since this is a brand new device, you may need a MPS account to access the datasheet. If you are unable to for any reason, contact the MPS Now team at and we will get you the datasheet.