Linear Encoder Application

How do i solve linear encoder applications with the MAG ALPHA sensor family?

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One of the great things about MagAlpha is its flexibility. There are many degrees of freedom that can be leveraged both by configuring the sensor and also by taking advantage of creative magnetic setups. The simplest solution for linear encoding is a magnetic strip which is “striped.” Then, as the MagAlpha moves linearly across the tape, we are able to count the magnetic transitions. We can also interpolate positions significantly smaller than the pole pitch on the tape by reading the angle of the field between transitions. This approach has an unlimited travel distance.
For application which require a travel distance of only a few millimeters or less, we can simplify even further. We need only place a dipole magnet next to the MagAlpha and the magnetic field angle will change based on the magnet position. This output can then be linearized using the BCT register in the MA.
These are only a couple of the many, many approaches we can take to report linear motion…