Light load operation MPQ4323

In the datasheet of the MPQ4323 in the section Light-Load Operation there is stated the following: “When the inductor current approaches 0A under light loads, the MPQ4323 first initiates asynchronous operation. If the load is further decreased, and VCOMP drops below the set value, the MPQ4323 enters AAM”
I cant seem to find the values for these events. Is there a specification on what current satisfies the the “approaching 0A” And what is the VCOMP set value?
I want to know the minimum output current where the MPQ4323 still runs at max frequency.

Hello @corne.bos ,

The MPQ4323 will first cause the inductor to enter DCM when the ZCD circuit detects light loads, for this part it happens to be between 10 and 30mA. As the load gets lighter and lighter, AAM mode activates. AAM mode is where the converter starts skipping clock cycles as shown in the last waveform of Figure 5 (pg 29).
If you are concerned about the frequency decreasing, we have the C version of this part: MPQ4323C-AEC1 | 42V Load Dump Tolerant, 3A, Ultra-Compact, Synchronous Step-Down Converter, AEC-Q100 Qualified | MPS (
The C version has FCCM mode.
Hope this helps.

Jonathan Hidalgo