Is MP28167GQ-A suitable to be as DC/DC Converter for USB-PD Sink Application?

My application need a voltage of about 5.2V (must be above 5.15V) and the device is powered by USB PD Source which can be 5V, 9V or 12V.

Is MP28167GQ-A suitable to be used as DC/DC Converter with a output voltage of 5.2V for USB PD Sink Application supplying 5V to 12V? The device is using USB-C Connector which can be connected to a USB 2.0 Host or USB Host using type-C with PD controller supplying up to 12V.

Also how do we calculate the output efficiency with reference to the various input voltages with fixed output voltage?

Please do advise.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Cheekkoeng.teo,
The MP28167A is a buck boost so can provide 5.2V output from a 5V to 12V input. I’m not clear on the scope of your output power or application so cannot comment past that. You can let us know the range of Vin expected and individual output voltages and loads and then we can let you know how the MP28167A will perform.

As for expected efficiency, the data sheet has baseline efficiency for 12V input, for lower Vin the efficiency would be better in general, but note there isn’t a calculator for this. The best way to find accurate efficiency would be to get the evaluation board.

Hello James,

Thanks for the reply.

The Vin will be, about 4.8 to 5.1V 500mA (USB2.0 type A Host Output), 4.8 to 5.1V 900mA (USB3.0 type A Host), un-regulated12V 270mA (external DC Source) and USB PD (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V).

The expected output will be 5.2V with load of about 2.6A Current Max (Typically will be around 2.2A).

The distributor in Singapore supporting my company is getting the eval board for me but I need a rough idea whether this DC/DC buck boost will be suitable.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Chee Keong