I want to know IC control method

Hi everyone.
I’m reviewing multi-phase controller+ DrMOS for efficiency increase and to cover heavy load current.
Now I’m reviewing datasheet about MPQ2977 and MPQ86940 for automotive driving system.
SO, i have few question.
Control method is defferent with another PWM methode.
How to control with IDROOP+output of differential amp. and Vramp+Vref.
I didn’t understand PWM Gen. through Comp. Output.
Please let me know.

Hi Jongseong,
The paramaters of gain of Idroop and resistance Rdroop are configurable, and help with feedback signal feeding into the main comp.

Vramp+ Vref get compared with Vfb to help creat a trigger signal Set which triggers the PWM signals. There is only 1 set trigger signal for PWM phases.

I recommend looking into the waveforms and comparing with the block diagram to obtain better understanding of control scheme.