I want MP1653 datasheet

I want MP1653 datasheet,who can send to email:tanwen2021@163.com

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Hello tanwen2021,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. I have sent the datasheet for the MP1653 to the email you provided. Please respond in this forum topic to confirm you received it. Thank you!

I learned on Avnet´s website that MP1653GTF is also available as MP1653HGTF-Z. Cannot find a data sheet or so which says what the “H” and the “Z” are standing for. Could you pls help with this information and drop me arelating data sheet too?
Thx a mil for your help.

Hi Ulrich, and welcome to the forum.

The MP1653 switches at 800kHz , while the MP1653H switches at 1.2MHz. So you can think of the H as a “Higher Frequency” version.

The -Z simply means that parts are being sold in bulk, tape and reel specifically.

hello, I need MP1653H’s Datasheet, Can I get the Datasheet?

Send to email : sju@soltech.co.kr

Please contact MPS Now with your request and application details.