HR1211 SIMPLIS Simulation Spreadsheet and POP issues


I have two issues with the HR1211 IC: first one, where can I find a spreadsheet to design the relevant components (mainly the Type II compensator for feedback); Second, at SIMPLIS simulation, I want to perform AC analysis but I cannot find a POP stable trigger point.
The provided file for simulation is just the LLC stage and has no way to see a ramp or clock on the IC (the model is encrypted), to hook the POP device.

Thank you for your time.

Hello! Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum!

Unfortunately, we do not have a spreadsheet for the design of this device. We recommend following the datasheet design guidelines as well as the typical application circuit and the evaluation board datasheet for reference.
I am looking to the POP analysis question, I will get back to you soon regarding that.

Hello Sunandhitha,

Thank you for your reply. well, is unfortunate that there is no spreadsheet for this and the datasheet even doesn’t contain a design example~

Anyway, waiting for your answer on SIMPLIS issue.

Thank you.


Thank you for your patience with this request. Unfortunately this model cannot support AC analysis. Sorry about that.

We recommend following the typical application circuit and the design guidelines in the datasheet.