How to understand that the MP2760 have completed the charging

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By comparing on the MP2759, there is a STAT pin (Pin 8) Hi-Z and ACOK pin (Pin 9) Low to determine the completion of the Charging.

But I could not find that same combination on the MP2760.

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MP2759 is a standalone device. Charge termination is 10% of Icc or clamped at 100mA. It does have a STAT indicator.

MP2760 is not a standalone device, it has I2C interface. The charge termination threshold can be set via first 3 bits of the register REG0Fh.

You may refer to the typical charge profile on how charging is done on batteries using these devices.


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Thank you for the information, I understand on the register setting, What I mean is that after the current drop to the Iterm level for MP2760. how the IC will show a signal that it had been discharge.
Base on the MP2759, after the Iterm drop to the Iterm level, it will reflect on the STAT pin. How about the MP2760?
Base on the REG16h, 000 is no charging, … 101 is charge termination. but no information on charge completion.

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For the MP2760 device, it is explained here on pg 29 in datasheet under phase 4 of charging cycle.

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