How to install MA300 magnetic sensor

Hello everyone, I want to use MA 300 to detect the angle of BLDC。
I don’t know where the MA300 sensor should be installed,This is my BLDC

I cannot install a magnet on the end of the motor shaft. So I want to install MA300 under the BLDC stator。

Is this location OK?

I don’t know if MA300 can directly detect the magnetic field of the rotor

Hi Tuzki,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum. I will look into your question and provide an update soon.

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thank you for your reply

Hi Tuzki,

A couple of things:

  1. I recommend that you change to MA302. This is the next generation replacement of MA300, and it is better and lower cost.
  2. You can place the MA inside the rotor magnets. Please take a look at this application note. Let us know if you have any questions after reviewing that.


Thank you very much for your answer

Is the current installation location OK,

Hi Tuzki,

I apologize for the delay! I did not see your new message. Yes, those are good placements for direct sensing MA302. I would target to place between the stator coils just to minimize the possible interference from phase currents.