How accuracy of Virtual Bench pro4.0

Dear Support member.

I want to measure current of MPM3695-25 on test board (Not EVK.) with Virtual Bench Pro4.0.

Virtual Bench indicate Waveform and current value.
Is this value Monitoring devices resistor?
Or is this value calculated by setting with Virtual Bench Pro?

If this value monitoring devices resistor.
Pleas teach me how accuracy of current value.

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Is there any update on this topic ?

Hi ryota_arihara,

Thank you for your patience. I will look into the method and accuracy of the current measurement by Virtual Bench 4.0 and provide an update soon.

Dear Bryan

Thank you for checking.

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Hi ryota_arihara,

Thank you for your patience on this. The MPM3695-25’s ADC accuracy w/ relation to Iout should be as shown below in the EC table of the DS. This is guaranteed by design.


VirtualBench should be able to do a READ_IOUT command after recognizing the device via its I2C/PMBus address. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Hi bryan

Thank you for answer.

I have add question.

When the output voltage is 0.72V and the output current is 10A
How much is the accuracy?
Is it worse than the accuracy of the DS description?

Hi ryota_arihara,

Accuracy should be as noted in the datasheet.