High Power Non-Isolated Buck Converter Power Supply


I am looking for a reference design of a 24V, 65W nominal, 135W surge, or closest values, non-isolated power supply with buck converter.


You might want to include some more details, like what is it range of input voltages and what is the desired output voltage. They do have some filter tools on the website that you can use

Input voltage should be 70 - 250V AC, output should be 24V DC

How many are you building? I would be severely tempted to just get a universal input 150W 24V out power isolated power supply off Digikey or something and call it a day.

We will be building around 60 per month. What you said is something we are considering. As the user will not have a direct contact with the device, we are evaluating two options:

  1. build our own high power non-isolated supply to reduce the cost.
  2. purchase an isolated one

Just pick one of the isolated flyback chips and then don’t bother with the isolation part, and take feedback directly. Try to find an off the shelf transformer ( coilcraft has some) Maybe the FA2443?