Help with MP9485


I was trying to design a power supply with the MP9485, but this part doesn’t seem to be available in the MPSmart or the DC-DC Designer. I also tried to use the Inductor Select Tool, but get a message that says “Computed Inductor value is out of range for available MPL options.”

So I was hoping to get some help with an example schematic or some parts recommendations. I want to use the MP9485 to create a power supply with the following specifications:
Vin,min = 17V
Vin,max = 34V
Vin,nominal = 28V
Vout = 16V
Iout,max = 100mA
Fswitching = 1.5MHz

Could I please get some help with this? Thank you.

Coil-craft has a very nice tool for just this. It will spit out a list of inductors and their loss. Design tools, DCDC optimizer is where to find it.