Help with MP2467


I am having difficulty with MP2467. I bread boarded the circuit from figure 4 of the datasheet, as attached. The only difference is I have a different enable voltage resistor, but still well within operation when applying 24V, and a 10uH inductor instead of a 15uH.

The output climbs to 12V then over 8 second lowers to 5V, before repeating. It should just be a steady 5V, as shown in yellow.
The blue trace is the feedback pin, which also spikes before dropping to the 0.8V required.
What am I doing wrong?

What do you mean “breadboard” can’t you get hold of a demoboard ? Layout is important

I mean bread boarded. As in a circuit on a bread board. As in, I obviously don’t have a demo board because I didn’t think I would need one.
The original question remains. I’d like to understand WHY that occurs and WHY the layout is the reason.

I’m having the same issue, but mine is on a PCB I made. I followed the layout recommendations in the datasheet.