Help for selection of a converter: 10V-30V to 3,3V @ 0,5-1A for IoT Device


We have a MP4559 with almost standard schematic to fix to 3,3V.

The MP4559 has a efficiency maximum at Vin 12V of ~85% at 0,1A to 1A (see datasheet, first page). Minimum input Voltage of ~8-9V is acceptable in our application. The rating input should be 10V to 30V, output max ~1A, maybe we could also get fine with 0,6-0,8A.

Is there a “newer” / “better” device available according to efficiency?

For example the MP9486A has a complete other simulation figure for the efficiency, it has a log scale what makes a comparison difficult. Especially the low current region is better visible in the log scale.

Also a overview of the different models of DCDC converters with view on efficiency would be interesting.

br Martin

Hi Martin,

A recommendation that meets your specs is the following part :
MP9442 | High Efficiency 2A, 36V, 600kHz, Synchronous Step-Down Converter with Power Good | MPS (

We do not have an overview on efficiency available yet since it is case dependent, we recommend comparing efficiency for parts based on your specs.


I tried to make an overview of regulators based on the “Power Management Solutions Selector Guide”.
The mentioned MP9442 has a very good efficiency but it is not listed in this list, why?
Are there more devices with similar efficiency?

At the moment i am waiting for my MPS+ account for viewing datasheets what is a bit annoying.

Is there any guide that explains the naming of 94 and 42? E.g: 94 = family, 42 = code for some technical details? I can not imagine that the naming is complete random, is it? :wink:

br Martin

Hi Martin,
Please check the date, you might be looking into the 2021 version of the Selectors Guide. We highly recommend using the MPS website for the products as its updated more frequently.

Here is the link for convenience:
Please look through the parts list, note that the part characteristics are listed similar to the selector guide format.
Vin (Max) 20V to 29V - Converters - Step-down(Buck) - Switching Converters & Controllers - Power Management - Products (

With respect to MP9442, it’s an older part. The naming of parts is relatively random. It is case by case, there are few parts that the characteristics of the component can be determined based on the name.

Here is another part recommendation with high efficiency -
MP2325 | 3A, 24V, 500kHz, Synchronous Step-Down Converters With PG, Light Load Mode and Low Iq | MPS (