H bridge 28V 10A

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a constant current H-bridge capable of driving 10A at 24V, do you plan to be able to parallel two MP6615 or MP6619? ,
Will the two chips be able to operate identically and supply half the current each, and will they of course be controlled by the same commands?

In adavne thanks a lot for your expertise
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Hello michel.durand,

For a single IC solution, we currently only support up to 8A continuous output with the MP6615.
Our H-Bridge motor drivers are not designed to be paralleled with each other to support higher motor currents. For lab bench testing, please check the EVB.
Lastly, we do have a single half-bridge driver already in production that supports 10A but its Vin is only up to 18V. The PN is MP1930, but it is not listed on the website yet. For applications with Vin < 18V, two of these could be used to create a full H-Bridge. Below is an example with 3 phases for a BLDC motor.


The MP1930 handles up to 100V input power (i.e. motor voltage and) requires 9V-18V supply power

Do you require current sense? How long do you need the driver to handle 10A? Is this the peak and/or continuous current requirement?