Extension of output power mpm3550e

We bought MPM3550E modules for obtaining 5V from 20V derived out of a previous ACF isolated stage.

Pl forward this email to the tech support for this module.

I noted that MPM3550E has 2 Amp input limit which is 48W. At 95% efficiency, we can get 45.6W

With proper heat sinking, can we not get 5V at 6 amp output for the 2 prototypes we are planning to deliver to a customer?

In production, what do we need to do to get these modules set up for 5.25V @ 6amp, 31.5W typ, transient going to 40W?

PL let us know asap.


Hello robin,

The MPM3550E cannot support 6A output. The device is only rated for 5A output. Running it at 6A will damage the module.

Discrete options that may fit your application are the MP2329 | 24V, 6.5A or the MP8756 | 26V, 6A.

If you would like to learn about other module opportunities for your application / company, please reach out to MPS NOW for more assistance.

Thank you,
Vinh Tran

Thnx a lot for prompt reply, Vinh
We can use up to 5A for the prototype.