EVM3596 configuration variants

What variants of EVM3596 are available? The EVM data sheet lists only one , but a user recently received a board with two outputs shorted to operate in the two phase mode and Vout set to be adjusted via I2C. What are the available variants and how the configurations of the modules mounted on them differ from each other?

The MPM3596 is programmable, and the default configuration can be customized to suit the customer’s needs.
There are 2 default configurations:

  • the MPM3596GLD-0000 with default register values from the datasheet, with VOUT adjusted by I2C.
  • the MPM3596GLD-0002 with same register values except for VOUT that is adjusted using external resistor dividers

Any other configuration of default values for the internal I2C registers is possible, including single-output 2-phase mode by default, and a specific part number MPM3596GLD-xxxx will be created for this special version.
The customization is free of charge as long as the Minimum Ordering Quantity is met, and the customer should reach out to an MPS FAE to finalize it.