EVKT-MP2731 info

I am a teaching tutor in university and I would like to buy some MP2731 evaluation kit for students tutorial.
I have already downloaded the user guide, but I need some more details.

  1. what is the minimum solar panel power (minimum open circuit voltage and minimum current) for the board to work correctly?
  2. is it possible to replace the battery with a load (for example an electric motor) ?
  3. which MPPT algorithm functions can be changed with the GUI? it is possible to modify the MPPT software implementation in MCU with I2C interface? Can you tell me what are the editable features of the algorithm?

Thanks a lot for your attention


Hi Roberta,

Welcome to the MPS Technical Forum! I will look into your questions and provide an update when available.

Hi Roberta,

  1. As stated in the datasheet, the operating input voltage range for the MEZS7-SolarCharger is 4.5V to 16V. The device is rated for 4.5A and will the draw current as needed. The battery charge profile information can be found on Pg. 20 of the datasheet.
  2. We do not recommend you replace the battery with an electric motor.
  3. The MP2731’s GUI is easy to use and provides all the adjustable parameters on a single screen. The GUI is only meant for adjusting features of the MP2731, not the on-board MCU.