EVKT-MP2731: IIN showing 79-93 mA without battery or load attached?

I am running the EVKIT-MP2731 here with no battery or load attached. Still, the GUI reads for IIN 79.8-93.1mA back, When attaching a LiIon cell, this does not change. A connected current meter measures 11mA at VIN, which I would expect with the MP2731 and its LED running. Any ideas why this IIN reading is not correct? Thank you!

being more precise, I have the EV2731-QC-00A

Hello avollhar,

Could you let us know how you are measuring current?

Thank you
Vinh Tran

I am reading the IIN current value from the supplied GUI via the I2C interface and compare it with an attached multimeter to VIN pin in series with my power supply. Also the power supply has a current meter which also measures 11mA.

Hello avollhar,

The higher input current with no load or battery is due to the input being used to power the internal circuity.

Vinh Tran

I don’t think so… an attached current meter reads 11mA at the input which I am happy to believe that this is current for the internal circuitry. Close to 100mA for the internal circuitry seems very excessive so I need to assume that the internal current monitoring is not working correctly.

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