EVKT-8865 I2C Connection is not successful

I purchased a set of EVKT-8865 from Digikey.
The EvalB has normal operation: default Vout, correct switching frequency, etc.

However, the I2C connection is not successful.
Following the user instruction, I connected the laptop USB to USB dongle and to EvalB. However, GUI gives both warning messages of “Communication on Board is Disconnected” and “EVB is Disconnected”.

Anyone has met similar issue of EVKT-8865 ? Any suggestions in debugging this I2C problem?

Hello feng_xiaogang,

It is strange that you get two different errors. Please check if your USBI2C_02 drivers are up to date.

Thank you,
Vinh Tran
Field Applications Engineer

Thank you, Vinh.

Yes, it seems USBI2C_02 driver is the problem!
I tried two computers: neither of them can find the USBI2C_O2 driver automatically.
Could you advise where can I download the driver ?