EV6537-V-00A Eval Board Current Limit

Hello. I am interested in the EV6537-V-00A evaluation board, but want to know more about the current and or power limits of the board. There is nothing listed in the datasheet in reference to maximum motor drive current. We are planning to drive a motor with 0.3ohm terminal to terminal winding resistance, and a max continuous current of 7A. We only need to do 3-4A max. Can the EV6537-V-00A board handle this output current? If not, could that current be achieved with a heatsink and or active cooling?

I see now that the part MP6537 has a ‘rating’ of 1A for Isink and 0.8A for Source. Is that the total current limit of the entire system or just the driver chip itself? Because it seems the included MOSFETS on the Eval board are rated to 8.5A continuous, and of course because we are using PWM for motor control, it wont ever be continuous.

Thank you - Eli

Hello Eli,

The board maximum current is the same as the MOSFETs one.

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