EV5920-5048-V-00A - Prgrammming issue with software

We recently purchased the EV5920-5048-V-00A boards with their EVKIT interfaces and tried to program the evaluation boards with the “Server Telecom Products GUI” software as recommended in a similar post on the forum.

We have currently three issues :

  • The software interface is missing some arguments compared to the datasheet (can’t input the E-fuse model)
  • In the monitor section, the temperature is completely wrong (currently 25°C)
  • Can’t modify the parameters in any section (except the input), the software allows to input data but as we click on “update”, the fields are reset to “0.000” and impossible to load anything.
  • (Can’t also turn on the main rail but we guessed it’s due to the parameters set to 0)

Some help would be greatly appreciated as we are completely blocked with the hardware with any feedback or error code.

Thank you :slight_smile:


It’s been 12days since the first post and I’ve also sent you an email about the issue we are facing and I haven’t got any reply.
Is it possible to get in touch with someone on your side who can help us ?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.